Furrow Creative Produces New Tourism Ad

A Road Trip to Remember: Furrow Creative Creates Stunning New Tourism Ad ‘Bottles’ for Points East Coastal Drive

Is there anything better than a beach day on P.E.I.? How about FIFTY beach days, visiting each of the white and red sandy beaches that dot the Island’s eastern shores. Sounds good to us - so when Points East Coastal Drive asked us to make a video to show Islanders and tourists just how beautiful the region is, we grabbed our sandals and hopped in the van!

“I think everyone who grew up here, or lives here, knows how great it is to be able to jump from beach to beach and the feelings you get when sharing food and stories with friends by the ocean. That's what this spot conveys,” said Craig Harris, our founder at Furrow Creative.

Showcasing Eastern P.E.I’s Spectacular Beauty

That’s what Points East was looking for: a way to show travelers a trip along the coastal drive isn’t just about a destination, it’s about the journey and everything you can discover along the way. 

“We were all amazed with the quality of the videos. They captured the emotional connection people have with travel, and the cinematography was visually stunning,” said Mike Robertson, Chair of the Board of Directors for Points East Coastal Drive.

“The hope is to build awareness as one of the best beach destinations in the country,” he said.

We think this video certainly will achieve that goal, especially with a suitably dreamy soundtrack provided by P.E.I. singer-songwriter Dylan Menzie’s hit ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name.’

New ‘50 Phenomenal Beaches’ Campaign

It’s part of the tourism association’s new ‘50 Phenomenal Beaches’ campaign. Points East Coastal Drive is investing heavily in its branding, with the goal of showing visitors that there are more the 50 spectacular locations to relax in the sand, go for a swim, and catch the stunning views ‘down East.’ 

Doing it justice took bringing in a heavy hitter in the film world.

“We’ve introduced so many cool spots in such a short period of time. I feel like the energy we captured helps the audience get into the road-trip feel,” said Vancouver filmmaker Darryl Augustine, who worked as director of photography on the shoot. He specializes in film projects in the great outdoors.

The Scene, The Beach, Was Revealed in Each Spot

Getting the look and feel of each shot just right came down to careful timing. It’s not a very long video - so we wanted to tell the story in just a few sequences in each location. Sunrise and sunset shots were very important here: those ‘magic hours’ where P.E.I. glows.

“I wanted the viewer to experience what it would be like to walk up to the beach. The scene, the beach, was revealed in each spot: you go down a narrow wooded path and then the scene just opens up into this secluded beach,” said Darryl.

“It’s just amazing.” 

Alongside Craig and Darryl, we had help from some very talented Furrow team members. Special thanks to our outstanding photographer Stephen Harris, who served as the video’s co-director and creative director, and to Marla Morrison, who wrangled everyone and killed it on wardrobe.

“A project like this really does require a team and a lot of love,” said Craig Harris.

Island Proud

Furrow is proudly Island owned and operated, and with some help from away, we think we’ve created a video that will both attract tourists AND make Islanders proud. 

“I think the look and feel is unique to Prince Edward Island. When we had people watching as part of focus groups for the first time, many of them would say they get goosebumps because they felt the spots were so relatable,” said Craig. 

Check out the video and let us know what you think. We’re so thrilled we are able to capture a bit of unique P.E.I. beauty on film and share it with the world! 

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